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what the heck is "natch" anyway?!

First of all please let me introduce myself.  My name is Shawna.  I am a Chartered Herbalist and currently studying to earn my professional Aromatherapist Certification.  I also am an avid gardener and grow many of the botanicals I use to create my products.  Back in 2017 when I decided to start my company I was braintorming with my mom to come up with a good name, a catchy name.  I wanted it to be a natural sounding name.   After a few back and forths she threw out something like "Very Natch" and i was like.. "huh??!  Then I remembered that my mom has always been a fan of making words short formed "natch" for natural.  I loved it right away.   

Natch Generation it was!

I like to think that we are the Natural Generation, better informed of how our daily choices impact our health, the environment, and well, the world we call home!  My "natch"  mission is to provide amazing clean + effective natural body and skincare free of anything artificial.


I believe that as a responsible human in 2023 it is my duty to minimize my company's footprint which is why I choose to use minimal packaging, recyclable glass & aluminium as well as biodegradable carboard packaging.

Shawna Bruch, chartered herbalist and founder, poses in her garden
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