face box - facial routine kit

face box - facial routine kit

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the details:


kit incudes:

face oil 15ml

lux night balm 1oz

phyto spot treatment roller 5ml

  • the how:

    face oil -

    cleansing: wet a facecloth with warm water + lay on the face to open up pores. in your hand, dispense 6-8 drops of oil + gently massage into the face, removing makeup + impurities. gently wash your face with warm water, removing excess oil.

    moisturizing: dispense a few drops (about 6 for face + decollete) onto the fingertips + gently massage into the face and upper chest area if any oil remains massage into the top of hands

    lux night balm - warm a a small amount between fingertips + gently massage into the face.

    phyto - roll on and over any areas of concern, sun damage, fine lines, acne etc. anytime and as often as needed particulary at night time

  • the what:

    face oil +benefit+ formula 15ml - daily moisturizer

    lUx 1oz luxurious botanical night balm

    phyto 5ml - botanical spot treatment