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Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Shawna. I am a chartered herbalist and am also in the process of earning my professional aromatherapist certification. I have been proudly bringing handmade Slow Beauty solutions to the market since 2017. I'm an avid gardener and grow many of the botanicals used to create my products. I also wildcraft some ingredients here in my hometown of Paris, Ontario. My natch mission is to provide clean + effective body and skin care, free of artificialities. 

What does natch mean to me?

Natch is a contraction of “natural”, effortlessly coined by my mom, and it means a whole lot to me personally. I believe we are the Natural Generation, better informed about how our daily choices impact our health, environment, and the planet we depend on. That philosophy is present in both the products I offer, as well as the materials they’re packaged in. 

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